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Specialists in Carbon Dioxide Conversion

Our Mission

At CO2Volt, we are on a mission to change the way industries deal with carbon dioxide emissions. We believe that carbon dioxide, often seen as a waste gas, has the potential to be transformed into valuable products using electricity. By utilising electrochemical carbon dioxide conversion, we are working towards a sustainable future where carbon emissions are not just reduced but transformed into useful resources.

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The Problem

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. While some industries can transition to cleaner energy sources, others continue to emit carbon dioxide as a byproduct of their processes. This poses a significant environmental challenge. Our project aims to address this problem by offering a solution that can convert waste carbon dioxide into valuable chemical feedstocks, fuels, or even plastics

Our Solution



Electrochemical Conversion

We harness the power of intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar to initiate the catalytic reduction of carbon dioxide. This innovative process yields diverse products, depending on the chosen catalyst.


Sustainable Resource Creation

Instead of depending solely on virgin fossil fuels, our technology allows us to produce essential chemical feedstocks and fuels from carbon dioxide. We capture and sell these products, creating a revenue stream from what was once considered a waste gas.


Carbon Transformation

As a forward-thinking research group, we are pioneering innovative approaches to carbon transformation. While we are in the early stages, we are committed to reshaping industries and making strides towards a sustainable future. Join us on this journey of discovery and transformation.

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Meet The Team

Get to know the dedicated individuals driving CO2Volt’s mission forward. Our team combines expertise, passion, and innovation to shape the future of carbon transformation. We’re committed to sustainability, and we’re excited to introduce ourselves to you.

Catherine Eagle 


Professor Alexander Cowan


Industries We Hope To Help

We are developing technology which to benefit various industries, including:

Chemical Manufacturing

Empower chemical manufacturers to convert CO2 waste into profitable chemical feedstocks, reducing emissions and driving sustainability.

Steel Production

Revolutionise steel manufacturing with renewable energy-driven CO2 conversion, slashing carbon footprints while enhancing profitability.

Glass Manufacturing

Elevate sustainability in glass production by capturing and monetizing CO2 emissions, all while staying competitive.


Breweries can lead the way in eco-friendly practices by transforming emissions into revenue-generating opportunities, making beer production greener.


Distilleries can embrace sustainability and financial growth simultaneously by converting CO2 waste into profits while reducing environmental impact.

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